Beirut Beirut Beirut, Lebanon 145945157 Beirut Holiday Inn A monument to the 1875-1991 Civil War 150403503 Pigeon Roost, Beirut Monitoring sectarian territoriality 150339263 Tank in Beirut, 2010 At an interface area, Corniche el Mazraa, between Sunni and Shite populations. 150403506 Tanks in Beirut, 2010 150403505 Hariri's grave 150403159 Destruction of Haret Hreik, 2006 Haret Hreik is a southern suburb of Beirut which suffered heavy shelling during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war 150403160 Southern suburbs' development 150403507 Haret Hreik reconstruction plan 150403161 Rahif Fayad, architect 150403162 Central district rebuilt 150403163 Central district rebuilt 150403164 Iranian influence in southern Beirut suburbs 150403502